There are 7 base character classes

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There are 7 base character classes

As mentioned earlier, there are 7 base character classes you can play from. You might notice, however, that initially, only 6 are available. These include the Marauder, a pure strength character, the Ranger, who specializes in Dexerity, cheap exalted orbs Witch, the intelligence character, then the duelist who specializes in strength and dexterity, the Templar who has both strength and intelligence, the Shadow which has dexterity and intelligence.

And lastly, the Scion who has all three attributes and can be unlocked in later game play. In general, Strength players hit harder in normal striking and can take more hits, dexterity characters attack faster and evade more strikes, and intelligence characters are more focused on magical protections and attacks, at the cost of being rather weak in melee. Now, does this mean that once you blindly pick a class, you’re stuck with your character type all buy exalted orbs through? Most certainly not.

Most games, especially ARPG’s, like to keep classes a little isolated from one another. Spellcasters and healers focus into intelligence and special spells, while rangers work into bows, and Melee fighters work with either one hand or two hand attacks, and that’s the way it’s always been, with special skills going into each class. Path of Exile turns this on its head through the skill tree.

Which is honestly more a skill bush. The classes are more a simple starting point in how to get used to the controls and may confer some small benefits over time, but by and far each class allows you to be yourself and change your poe orbs playstyle. The skill tree itself is absolutely massive, by far the largest I’ve ever seen, and no matter what you start as, you have the full ability to specialize into other perks. As mentioned before, you could easily become a mace wielding witch, or a bow using marauder, and you can create thousands of different variants of each class.See more of these in welcome on!